Type of the material and the proces offered


Cut-outs – semi finished: XPS styrofoam, PVC, AL sedwich, plywood – no other finish
(Cut-outs are ready for an additional alteration – XPS – grinding, adhesive use and painting. PVC, AL sendwich, plywood for final finishing, painting, etc. …)

ECONOM: primary creation of Logos, signs using XPS styrofoam, PVC, AL sendwich, plywood with the finish surface 
(XPS styrofoam is mostly suitable for the temporary/short use, marking a site or a products –  XPS styrofoam is primed with 2 layers)
(PVC – white, black, AL sendwich – white, black, surface is finished by edged stainless steel. Plywood – natural)

ECONOM PLUS: XPS styrofoam primed and then painted with several layers of balakryl – better quality paint. 
(Nice finished product which can be places to areas like receptions, meeting rooms as well to the firm´s facade and in the department store)

STANDARD: this is our best finish in various possibilities, for example XPS styrofoam with the prominent side made of Plexi, AL sendwich, laquered plywood and as well painted PVC up to 19mm thickness, laquared plywood and primed Plexi. 
(Nice and affordable representative finish with hifh elegance and taste )



INDIVIDUAL Logos, Signs:  we are able to offer as well individual finished Logos, various combination of materials, types of the finished product, special surface – for example: imitation of concrete, gravel pieces which are rounded and grinded.
( This will be a nice and affordable representative finished product with the high class and impression)

 3D Models and Decorations:  our company is able to create Models, samples of your products, 3D Items which are connected to your firm/business. Decorations which will highlite the image of your firm as well as Decoration to be used in various programs.
( Well suited, fitting and visually atractive to highlite the product of your firm. Great choice to be used on billboards, meetings, advertisement od the product of your firm. Visual advertisement in the shop window, department stores/shops interior or on the buildings) 

Models and decorations are being created in various kinds and levels of proces: 

Basic: EPS or XPS styrofoam cut-out, edged shape, painted
títy budov
Standard: EPS or XPS styrofoam cut-out, edged to the fine shape, using putty and paint
títy budov
Standard varnished: EPS or XPS styrofoam, edged shape, varnished and painted
títy budov
Re-Inforced – crust: this model is modified (finished) with a resistant crust from laminate to epoxy up to the substance using a spray gun to create 2 types of layered material.
títy budov
Hollow Laminated Model
títy budov


Materials and color tintig

To create Logos, Signs etc. the XPS and EPS styrofoam is being used.

XPS hardened styrofoam (extruded styrofam) has a smooth surface,  the structure is stronger with the minimal absorbency.
This kind of styrofoam is being used to create Logos, Signs, Inscriptions and decorative items to be used in the area for the near viewing or to be used on exterier, for example: Logos on the facade.

EPS styrofoam (known as marble styrofoam).
This kind is being used creating larger items, which will be placed so they would be visible from farther distance. This material is as well used to create letters, signs to be displayed in the business windows.


Painting Colors and types of paints and colors:

– paints are being mixed and tinted in the paint centres in which mixing automation being used.
– paints are being mixed as per RAL or NCS sample book  and in some of the centres Pantone shades might be used
– in case there is no RAL or NCS paint number available, send us Pantone, as we can choose the nearest shade of requested color as per our color samples.